We use your personal information for tracking, analysing and reporting your learning progress (and for marketing our products if you have opted-in to be contacted with marketing updates). We may use this information to:

    • Provide course recommendations to you or other users based on usage patterns.
    • Update or create new courses.
    • Carry out any obligations arising from any contracts entered between you/your organisation and us.
    • Enhance/optimise user experience, data security and system performance.
    • For organisational users, the information may be used as desired by your organisation. 

Send you product or relevant marketing information ONLY IF YOU HAVE OPTED-IN TO BE CONTACTED BY ComplianceBay.

Information Retention

We keep personal information only as long as needed, specific to the purposes for which the data was collected. We will delete all your personal information after the data retention period as per our company policy (6 years from your last login).

For organisational users, your information will be retained in accordance with your organisation’s data retention policy.

Request for Erasure

As an individual user, you can request complete erasure of your personal information from the Profile section.

As an organisational user, you can request deletion of your information by raising a ticket. This will be governed by your organisation’s data retention policy.

Access & Rectification

As an individual user, you can view and update your information on your Profile section. Your email address will be locked while editing.

To update your email address, send a request by email to privacy@compliancebay.com.

If you are an organisational user, these details are controlled by your organisation. Please contact your organisation’s administrator to update any details.

Sharing Information

We may share your personal information with other entities or organisations to deliver a quality experience.

We do not share any of your personal information with anyone for the purpose of marketing. We share it with our partners to manage administration and operations, for services like billing and subscription management, hosting and performance enhancement.

Organisational users: Additionally, we share your information with your organisation’s administrators and managers.

Cookies Policy

Cookies contain information that are transferred by our portal to your computer’s storage. We store the following cookies to enhance your experience:

  • Essential Cookies: Required to provide secure access, cart management, billing and payment services.
  • Performance Cookies: This helps us in improving the performance of our website by analysing the usage pattern.
  • Preference Cookies: Required to store your personalisation preferences such as Language selection.
  • 3rd Party Cookies: Our portal may set/modify several types of 3rd party cookies like Google Analytics. We do not control the operations of those cookies. Please view their respective privacy policies.

You can block cookies by disabling them on your browser settings. Disabling Essential Cookies may result in some parts of the site becoming unavailable.

International Transfer

ComplianceBay.com is hosted on a public cloud within the EU Region. Some of our features like payment and subscription management services may be provided by other partner/service provider organisations. The information stored may be accessed by the development and operation team members of our portal (our employees, partner employees and other support users) located across the globe. All the information is accessed strictly for the purposes discussed above.

We care for your privacy as we care for our own. For any further queries, write to privacy@compliancebay.com. You need to agree to our Privacy Policy in order to sign up and use our services.