Gone are the times where users read long “Manuals” or “Help files” to use or service their products. Users prefer to avail on-demand service instructions, specific to their needs in the form of a short video. With the help of Referential Design, the Service Manual for your Product or Machinery, User Guides for your Software or Web application can be created and hosted online. Apart from improving the user experience, this provides audio visual instructions in a structured form, saving time for the user by providing only what they want and exactly when they want.


Laptop Service Manual

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This is a sample of a Laptop Service manual providing part by part disassembly and reassembly procedure. While the sample has only 5 parts, you can extend the design to include more parts and even more laptop models. With tree based navigation, users can navigate to the product, model and the part. This provides an intuitive UI and can reduce errors in servicing.


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